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Brace For Impact


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Asleep in the Sun (free) 05:05
If you're saying something that seems like a lie, don't come near me. I will notice nothing that sounds like a cry heard from afar. Don't you tell me that there's no more time tonight to go elswhere. So you have one more thing that you can deny, (but) I can't do this. You are in this with me and I'm sleeping in the Sun. You are in this with me and I just don't know why, why you lie to help me, why you bleed to survive.
Sheer reflection mirrors 'neath the keel shining, Following her track truly abide. Recollection mostly of the sea pining, Swallowing her down in rising tide. Violent silence follows us to shore, rising Into what they say is just a pause. Outvoicing the bellows under fore, poising Before slipping into blower's jaws. In the depths the bodies softly weep, sinking, Dreaming 'bout the sun which may now rise. I will join them in their dark parade, singing, Spreading the last image in my eyes. And it's me speaking, breath-seeking, please hold the line! Bone-breaking, forsaking brine. She, she's going down, From upside-down she's coming down. And this one last time, For one last line, one last inspire!
Superdamaged 04:36
So lost, wasted Feel it! Taste it! So strange, ravaged, Superdamaged! Nao tenho ambiçoes nem desejos Ser cantor nao é uma ambiçao minha É a minha maneira de estar sozinho.
This time I'm here, this time of year, but yet again almost insane. You see, you there, up in the air is what we start, the flames apart. All my life bewail. How could I've seen the Star Serene that still does fly, skyrockets high. How could I've known a stone up thrown with blasting smack one day falls back. All my life bewail. Twelve years' long time again to chime, again combined get intertwined. Before we split, before I quit, before you leave let me conceive all your life bewail. I know you know, you know we know odds are below zero, or so. For blazing stars, for went down cars stringless guitars, for luck of ours ever shine again. This time I'm here, this time sincere, this time again, this time insane! This time it's here, this time too near one time it grows, next time it glows! Goodbye dim skies, fireballs arise! Good night blue fires! Good night goodbyes! 2, 1, go! Make a bow! 2009 is now! NEVER IN MY LIFE I WOULD SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT. NEVER IN MY LIFE! NO. NEVER. SINCE NOW, I BEWAIL, ALL MY LIFE. This time I'm here, this time I cheer. You see, oh dear, it's the New year! Next time who knows, next time suppose we still play this song of my miss. All my life ever shine, shine again.
part I: Latitude So far we have been Only 's far 's reach is thin. Now it's time to see If latitude is killing me. So long Northern sea! When along I'll rejoin thee! Let me introduce Latitude on the loose. So far's where you cry, Silver round I brought you by. So long lasts the stare, Latitude will take me there. (To long, to love and to be loved By the glistening warmth in your face...) part II: Stroboscopic Girl Here we go! Let us show! Gratitude! Latitude's killing me North to south over sea! Word of mouth, here I go! South to north, head to toe! Back & forth, up below! At the start I broke 'part Crystal ball in its fall, Piece of art, beating heart, sycamore, I need more! To long, to love and to be loved By the glistening warmth in her face, They call her the stroboscopic girl Cause she does that thing with her eyes! And as she steps into the room All the light comes inside as well, They call her the multicoloured pearl Cause she's the Sun! part III: Weak end Here I stand Here I go Latitude Let me show


Five-track EP, the first release by young czech indie/post-rock band UFAJR.


released May 8, 2010

MASTERING BY Balco at 3bees studio (3bees.cz), Praha 2010
SAMPLES BY Elektrocell, ERH, Phoenelai
DARTH VADER: I am your father



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UFAJR Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic

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